Getting Started with Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

A Guide to Arctic Cat Snowmobiles in Grand Prairie, AB

Winter Sports are some of the most exciting aspects of living in a country with a cold climate. That’s why we here at GP Motorsports proudly offer Arctic Cat’s entire line of snowmobiles for our valued customers in Grand Prairie, Alberta and its surrounding regions. Whether you’re looking for a hardcore mountain climbing rig, or hardworking utility sled, or a two-person touring snowmobile to hit the trails with, Arctic Cat’s wide range of models has got you covered. To help get you started on your snowmobile ownership journey, our team has created this guide to Arctic Cat Snowmobiles, so that you can easily navigate the brand’s multitude of available models and variants. 

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Why Choose GP Motorsports in Grande Prairie?

GP Motorsports is the premier destination for all things motorsports in Grand Prairie, Alberta and its surrounding regions. As a locally-owned and operated dealership, we are proud to serve our community, sharing our love of motorsports to both new and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Select Your Arctic Cat Snowmobile Model

Arctic Cat offers 18 snowmobile models that are broken down into four categories: Mountain, Crossover, Trail & Utility and Youth. 


Arctic Cat’s mountain snowmobile models are designed to handle the unpredictable terrain of the backcountry. These models feature the brand’s innovative Alpha One suspension for enhanced maneuverability.

  • M Hardcore Alpha One: a high-performance snowmobile designed for extreme backcountry riding.
  • M Mountaincat Alpha One: a versatile snowmobile built for conquering mountain terrain.
  • M 500 Alpha One: a lightweight and agile snowmobile, ideal for both beginners and experienced riders.
  • Blast M: a compact and sporty snowmobile designed for all-around winter fun.


Arctic Cat’s line of crossover snowmobiles are intended for riders who want to transition between different types of terrain, such as trail riding and backcountry or off-trail riding.

  • Riot: a versatile snowmobile known for its agility, designed for riders who enjoy both trail and backcountry adventures.
  • Riot X: an upgraded version of the Riot, with enhanced suspension and features for more aggressive off-trail riding in challenging terrain.
  • Blast XR: a compact and sporty snowmobile designed for responsive performance, suitable for riders looking for a fun and nimble experience.
  • Blast XR Touring: a two-seater, touring-oriented version of the Blast XR, with added comfort features for enjoyable long-distance rides.

Trail & Utility 

Arctic Cat offers riders a variety of high-performance snowmobiles designed for trail riding, along with versatile and hardworking utility models.

  • ZR: a versatile snowmobile model known for its agility and performance, suitable for various riding conditions.
  • ZR R-XC: a high-performance racing variant of the ZR, designed for cross-country and aggressive riding.
  • ZR Thundercat: the world’s fastest production snowmobile, built for speed and adrenaline
  • Norseman X: an off-trail snowmobile designed to conquer deep snow and challenging backcountry terrain.
  • Blast ZR: a sporty and compact snowmobile offering a responsive and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Blast LT: a touring-oriented version of the Blast, providing comfort and features for long-distance rides.
  • Pantera: a two-seater snowmobile designed for touring and comfortable riding with a focus on passenger comfort.
  • ZR RR: a high-performance racing snowmobile designed for competitive riders, featuring advanced suspension and power for intense cross-country racing.


Arctic Cat’s ZR Youth models introduce young riders to the world of snowmobiling with a heightened focus on safety and fun.

  • ZR 120: the perfect beginner rig for the next generation of snowmobile riders.
  • ZR 200: a more powerful variant of the ZR 120, designed for riders transitioning from smaller machines to adult-sized models.

Find Your Arctic Cat Snowmobile at GP Motorsports

Now that you’re aware of your Arctic Cat snowmobile model options, it’s time to visit our Grand Prairie showroom at 13116 100 Street. Browse through our available inventory of Arctic Cat Snowmobiles for yourself and let us welcome you to the GP Motorsports family.