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Honda Power Equipment at GP Motorsports

When you want to get a job done right the first time, trust in Honda power equipment to make it that much easier. Our snowblowers, generators, lawn mowers, handhelds, tillers and pumps cover a wide-range of needs to make tough work simple. All incredibly efficient, lightweight, easy-to-use, powerful, and as durable and reliable as any Honda vehicle or powersport model, there’s a reason why Honda power equipment has been counted on for decades.

For any season of the year, whether clearing snow in the winter, getting your garden ready in the spring, and year-round property and lawn maintenance, there’s Honda equipment for any work that needs to be done. With models designed for commercial and professional use, we have equipment made specifically for just around the house and farm, and ones that hold-up to the rigorous demands of a jobsite. Come visit our GP Motorsports dealership in Grande Prairie to explore all we have to offer, or contact us to inquire more about any of our models!


Helping you get rid of those pesky mounds of snow since 1981, our Honda snowblowers make winter life in Grande Prairie that much easier. All of our snowblowers share three core tenets of being easy-to-use, convenient and quiet, so you won’t be disturbing your neighbours. A Honda snowblower is an easy choice thanks to its reliability, easy start/operation, track drive, hydrostatic transmission control, chute joystick control, and its build quality.

Our Honda snowblowers come in three model types:
A woman using a single stage snowblower in front of a house by a mound of snow

Single Stage

Compact, lightweight, easy-to-use. Built for urban house/walkway use.
A man using a Honda Dual Stage snowblower in an open area filled with snow in front of trees

Dual Stage

Powerful, heavy-duty option. Perfect for large snowy areas.
Man using a Honda hybrid snowblower on a big hill of snow


Enhanced hybrid drive and two stage capability. The ultimate in performance.


Providing a reliable back-up or power where you need it most, Honda generators have been trusted for recreation, work and home use since 1965. These 4-stroke engines don’t mix oil and gas, running clean and quiet, which means less emissions, filling up and both. From powering your house to your tablet, you can trust the performance of a Honda generator, combining a lightweight build, durable qualities (especially in cold climates) and a terrific warranty.

Our Honda generators come in three model types:
A person carrying a recreation generator on a dock


Compact, quiet and for a variety of electronics.
A worker using a saw on the back of a truck from a work/industrial Honda generator


Portable for work, without sacrificing performance.
Honda home back-up generator in front of a house

Home Back-up

Stable and high-powered back-up for your home.

Lawn Mowers

Make your lawn the most pristine one on the block with a Honda lawn mower, ensuring your property looks beautiful since 1978. Like all Honda models, Honda lawn mowers are extremely durable and built to last for the long-haul. Providing smooth power, efficient cutting performance and the latest Honda technology to save you time on your next mow.

Our Honda lawn mowers come in three model types:
Man using a Honda push mower in front of building

Push Mower

Fit for everyday needs with a small or medium lawn.
A man using a self-propelled Honda mower in his front yard


Delivering top-level performance with the latest features.
A worker using a professional lawn mower in a town square


Easily make short work of the toughest of mowing jobs.


Perfect your lawn and property with fine-detail work provided from a trusty Honda handheld, an exceptional lawn & garden tool in the Honda power equipment lineup since 1978. High quality, efficient, quiet and built to last in your shed for a long time, these handhelds meet at the crux of Honda ingenuity and innovation. Easy-to-use and designed to be comfortable, with a host of accessories and attachments, there’s little limit to what you can accomplish with one in your grasp.

Our Honda handhelds come in three model types:
Person using a handheld trimmer on some grass


Fine detail work is seen through its comfy, efficient and reliable power.
A worker using a brush cutter handheld by a tree

Brush Cutter

Take down thick brush and dense grass.
Woman using a VersAttach handheld on a hedge


Tackle specific tasks with seven different attachments.


Your garden deserves the best, and Honda tillers have done the hard job of breaking ground since 1978. Even as they do their tough work, they run especially smooth and quiet, with all the power you expect so you don’t have to make multiple passes. A blend of Honda durability and new-age technology, these tillers are loaded with features that make tilling your garden easier and more efficient than ever.

Our Honda handhelds come in two model types:
Person using a Honda tiller in their garden


Suited for small-level home gardening jobs.
Person using a Honda ground breaking tiller

Ground Breaking

Break up hard ground or a large area with these heavy-duty tillers.


Clean up and displace water with a tough-working Honda pump at your disposal, getting the job done since 1978. Honda continues to innovate these pumps, keeping them lightweight and portable while still with the high-performance and sturdy construction you expect to hold up. A 4-stroke engine is at the heart of these pumps, delivering exceptional power to meet any small or large-scale need.

Our Honda pumps come in three model types:
Honda transfer pump


Get any pool or small-level drainage jobs done with a transfer model.
Honda High Pressure pump with a side-by-side in the background

High Pressure

Commercial-use and irrigation jobs are simple with its high-power.
Honda Construction pump being used by a worker to pump water in front of houses


Water with rocks and debris can easily be handled with this model.

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