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Honda Generator Models at GP Motorsports

Enjoy life with peace-of-mind, or bring some power where it’s not typically easy to get, thanks to our extensive lineup of Honda generators. Our recreation models are incredibly portable and quiet when in use, while still delivering top flight performance, whether it’s to your laptop or house. The work/industrial generator models are still easily portable, but able to deliver high-quality performance that’s durable and consistent for your tough-work jobs. Our home back-up models are the perfect model for at-home or at the cottage, when you need all-encompassing power that’s equal parts smooth and strong. GP Motorsports in Grande Prairie is your trusted source for the wide selection of Honda generators, from portable use to home power! If you’re interested in any of our models, please contact us for more, or see us in-store!

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Honda Generator Models


Need stable power on-the-go and to keep even your most sensitive and personal devices charged? Our Recreation generators are compact, to easily allow you to take them wherever you need to go with terrific convenience, and quiet, working without bothering you. Not only can they power something as big as your cottage, but also smaller devices like your laptop and tablet. For any of your needs, quick and incredibly mobile, Honda recreational generators are a terrific option for you to have on hand!
Ultra-Quiet 1000i front side view

Ultra-Quiet 1000i

EG2800iC front side view


Ultra-Quiet 2200i front side view

Ultra-Quiet 2200i

Ultra-Quiet 2200i Companion front side view

Ultra-Quiet 220i Companion

Ultra-Quiet 2200i GFCI front side view

Ultra-Quiet 2200i GFCI

Cyclo-Converter 3000 front side view

Cyclo-Converter 3000

Ultra-Quiet 3000i ES front side view

Ultra-Quiet 3000i ES

Ultra-Quiet 3000i front side view

Ultra-Quiet 3000i

Ultra-Quiet 3200i front side view

Ultra-Quiet 3200i

Work / Industrial

When you need serious power for your job or at an industrial site, our Work/Industrial models of generators are here to provide supreme power and performance that holds up over long periods of time with sustained production. These generators are hard-working and up-to-the-task for even the hardest of jobs, but still supply power that is both smooth and stable, but also remarkably portable given its potential. Never skimping on power or durability, these Honda generators are ready for the toughest of work.
Ultra Quiet 2200i GFCI front side view

Ultra-Quiet 2200i GFCI

Commercial 5000 GFCI side view

Commercial 5000 GFCI

Electric Start 5000 side view

Electric Start 5000

Electric Start 6500 front side view

Electric Start 6500

Commercial 6500 GFCI front side view

Commercial 6500 GFCI

Ultra-Quiet 7000i ES front side view

Ultra-Quiet 7000i ES

Commercial 10000 GFCI ES front side view

Commercial 10000 GFCI ES

Home Back-up

Don’t worry about your power going out and being stuck in the dark. Our Home Back-up model generators do exactly as their name says, provide a reliable and stable power back-up for your cottage, home, or anything in-between. Offering power that is both high-strength and consistent, delivering solid performance in your time of need is where these generators excel. Be ready for the worst, combat the latest power-cutting storm or unreliable power set-up and have a Honda Home Back-up generator standing by!
Ultra-Quiet 3000i ES front side view

Ultra-Quiet 3000i ES

Ultra-Quiet 3200i front side view

Ultra-Quiet 3200i

Electric Start 5000 side view

Electric Start 5000

Electric Start 6500 front side view

Electric Start 6500

Ultra-Quiet 7000i ES front side view

Ultra-Quiet 7000i ES

Why Buy a Honda Generator?

There’s many reasons why you should choose a Honda generator, and many have, as we’re proud to be the #1 selling portable generator brand in Canada. Starting with a 4-stroke engine, that doesn’t mix oil and gas, allowing for a smooth and quiet operation, with fewer emissions and a need to fill-up, all adding up to less ownership costs for you. Explore below and get to know why Honda generators are the top-of-the-line.

Reliable Performance:

From portable jobs, to at home to at the jobsite, to warm or cold weather, our versatile generator lineup is home to technologies and features set to satisfy any need.

Durable Quality:

Diligently tested in the most extreme conditions, to hold up over long periods of time with a design that’s both tough yet ergonomic, you can always count on a Honda generator.


Each generator was designed with the user in mind, that means easy-to-use buttons and controls crafted to be easily accessible.

Compact Build:

Both light and compact, take note of our newest line of inverter generators that we’ve made even smaller and more compact than ever before. Many of our models produce smoother voltage than most commercial power sources.

Dual Voltage:

Our high-output models have some of the best in standby power, in both 4,000-watt and 10,000 watt variants. With this dual-style configuration, you can safely power appliances with 120 or 240 volts.

Cold Weather Technology:

Honda generators are built to withstand even the harshest of Candian winters. Our Honda Climate Technology is available on any model, with a breather heater system that helps the generator from shutting down when it’s operating in freezing temperatures.

Whisper Quiet Operation:

Enjoy lower noise ratings between 48-60 dBa on our Honda Super Quiet portable generators, thanks to their advanced exhaust and muffler tech.

Power Sensitivity:

Generators aren’t just for big jobs, with our inverter technology smoothing out the power, and regulating surges to allow you to charge items like your tablet and laptop, just like your home outlets would. Running from 1,000 watts to 7,000 with these inventor models.

CSA Approved:

Every Honda generator you purchase here in Canada has met or exceeded the Canadian Standards Association and Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions standards. We’re proud to make and standby this claim, as not all brands can.
Smiling service department worker

Comprehensive Warranty:

Honda generators are no different when it comes to superior warranties for the brand, backed with a 36-month non-commercial use comprehensive warranty. Not to mention the best-in-class service we provide here at GP Honda.

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