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Cutting through pesky grass, weeds, saplings and brush is no match for our lineup of Honda handhelds. These handheld trimmers and cutters are easy to handle and will make your fine-tune pruning lawn & garden work a breeze. Providing top quality lawn power equipment handheld needs since 1978, each Honda model is made with the best in durable quality, innovative features and an ergonomic design. Whether it’s with a grass line trimmer, heavy duty brush cutter or the exclusive Honda VersAttach system of versatile add-ons, your yard will look better than ever thanks to Honda. Explore all of the Honda Handhelds we have for sale for you in Grande Prairie, at our full-stop GP Motorsports dealership!

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Honda Handheld Models


For all of those hard-to-reach areas in your front or backyard, or fine-detail work wherever you have overgrowth, our Honda string trimmers are versatile enough to get rid of grass and weeds in even the most annoying places. For a perfect lawn look, use this Honda trimmer to create a perfect grass line, or combat thick weeds with its durable weed wacking potential. Built to allow you to use it for long periods of time without getting tired, it’s comfortable and efficient through the trimmer’s powerful performance.
Honda Loop-Handle 25 cc handheld

Loop-Handle 25 cc

Brush Cutter

For large areas of thick brush, dense grass and annoying saplings, the Honda brush cutter makes short work of it all. Led ahead by its strong low-end torque, these brush cutter models are for when you have a lot of work ahead of you and need a handheld that can keep up. Its bike-style handlebars allow for a sturdy grasp, allowing you to stay comfortable while you get down to serious work. Accomplish what most gardening tools can’t with a heavy duty Honda brush cutter handheld.
Honda U-Handle 25 cc handheld

U-Handle 25 cc

Honda U-Handle 35 cc handheld

U-Handle 35 cc

VersAttach (+ Attachments)

Not every lawn & garden job is as simple and straight-forward as clearing out grass, weeds or brush with a trimmer or cutter. With the Honda-exclusive brand VersAttach powerhead handheld, utilize a wide variety of attachments that focus on speciality yard work. Thanks to seven attachments that are easily interchangeable, you can accomplish specific jobs that require their own tools. From pruning to cultivating to hedge trimming to extending your reach, the Honda VersAttach and its attachments allow you to easily get any kind of tough work job done.
Honda VersAttach Powerhead 25 cc handheld

Honda VersAttach Powerhead - 25cc

Honda VersAttach Powerhead 35 cc handheld

Honda VersAttach Powerhead - 35cc

Honda PowerSweep Attachment

PowerSweep Attachment

Honda Bristle Brush Attachment

Bristle Brush Attachment

Honda Blower Attachment

Blower Attachment

Honda Pruner Attachment

Pruner Attachment

Honda Edger Attachment

Edger Attachment

Honda Trimmer:Brush Cutter Attachment

Trimmer/Brush Cutter Attachment

Honda Cultivator Attachment

Cultivator Attachment

Honda Hedge Trimmer Short Attachment

Hedge Trimmer (Short) Attachment

Honda Hedge Trimmer Long Attachment

Hedge Trimmer (Long) Attachment

Honda Short Extension

Short Extension

Honda Long Extension

Long Extension

Why Buy a Honda Handheld?

Honda and quality go hand-in-hand, across the automotive, powersports and power equipment lineups, evidenced here in our handheld models. Created with the latest in Honda tech and with innovative systems, it adds to these models’ already powerful and efficient build. Designed to be easy to operate and comfortable for long days out in the yard, these trimmers and cutters will enjoy a long life as one of your most trusted gardening tools.
Close-up of Honda handheld

High Quality:

Top level Honda quality is present in these handhelds, with all of the performance, durability and reliability you demand.
Honda 4-stroke engine


With some of the lightest and quietest 4-stroke engines available, the GX25 and GX35, you’ll be met with efficient power each and every time.
Man using a Honda trimmer to clear around a tree


Each handheld is made to stand up to tough work, built with a strong yet flexible steel cable shaft that absorbs shocks and lessens user fatigue.
Close-up of a person putting a Honda handheld together


Every Honda handheld is tested to the harshest of conditions, to perform for years to combat the demands of Canadian weather.
Close-up of easy-start functionality on a Honda handheld


You won’t have to fuss around trying to start your handheld, each Honda provides a simple start, a consistent experience each and every time.
Close-up of Quiet Line trimmer being used on grass

Quiet Line:

Standard on all trimmers, this line reduces its noise level by 5 decibels. Plus, with low-end torque, jobs can be done at partial throttle for even less noise.
Accessory on the end of a Honda handheld


A string trimmer head type comes standard on our trimmers, but can be upgraded with a brush cutter head for more heavy duty work with add-on accessories and equipment. The VersAttach is made to allow for versatile attachments.
Smiling service department worker


Enjoy a 36-month non-commercial use warranty on every Honda handheld, with our top-of-the-line service.

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Our Honda handhelds are just one of a variety of Honda power equipment options, including the rest of our lawn & garden lineup with lawn mowers and tillers, along with our generators, pumps and snowblowers. Of course, our automotive and powersports departments are here as well for your vehicle and large toy needs. For any further assistance on our Honda handhelds, power equipment, or anything more, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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