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Water Pumps at GP Motorsports

Honda has been making your water pumping needs simple since 1978, thanks to the wide selection of Honda water pumps available for every one of your needs. With modern technology and build standards, these Honda pumps are better than ever, whether it’s just a small portable pump you require, or a larger one for serious work. Honda water pumps come across 3 different models types: Transfer, High Pressure and Construction. For the perfect pump for your job, come see us at GP Motorsports, learn more about our inventory of water pumps then buy the model you need. As your top Honda water pump source in Grande Prairie, we’re proud to offer the best and quality for this vital piece of Honda power equipment.

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Honda Water Pump Models


If you’re looking for a small portable water pump that’s equipped for small level jobs, explore these Honda Transfer water pumps. These water pumps are specifically made for small to medium-sized draining needs, and are perfectly tailored for your pool. Transfer models are conveniently compact and portable for easy transit and maneuverability to match the job at-hand. Explore these lightweight transfer water pumps, fit for dewatering and all-purpose work.
Honda Portable 1 pump front side view

Portable 1”

Honda Portable 1.5 pump front side view

Portable 1.5”

Honda Utility 2 pump front side view

Utility 2”

Honda Utility 3 pump front side view

Utility 3”

Honda Chemical Multi-Purpose 2 pump front side view

Chemical Multi-Purpose 2”

High Pressure

For more advanced needs when you need to displace water at a high pressure, explore our aptly titled Honda High Pressure water pumps. These pumps are made to pump water at a high level, for more complicated jobs like irrigation and spraying. High pressure pumps are for those who need a pump for commercial demands. These two high pressure pump models are of a high-grade and for both general purposes, and more defined applications, like with sprinklers and nozzles. Don’t feel the pressure when you have a lot of water to displace, let these Honda high pressure water pumps take it all on with ease.
Honda High Pressure 1.5 pump front side view

High Pressure 1.5”

Honda High Pressure 2 pump front side view

High Pressure 2”


If the water you need to displace includes rocks, debris and other matter, make use of our top level Honda Construction water pumps for the ultimate in pumping ability. These are top tier pumps engineered to not only take on a lot of water, but withstand the beating that comes with displacing a mass of debris as well. Perfect for construction zones and commercial areas that need serious displacement, these Trash Pump construction models are durable while providing the utmost in Honda pump technology.
Honda Trash Pump 2 front side view

Trash Pump 2”

Honda Trash Pump 3 front side view

Trash Pump 3”

Honda Trash Pump 4 front side view

Trash Pump 4”

Why Buy a Honda Pump?

When you buy and use a Honda pump, you’re met with the knowledge that you’re dealing with a piece of equipment made with the best technology at-hand, and built with over 20 years of high-level Honda advancement. From their powerful engines to their durable design and lightweight nature, all of the best pump technology has gone into making these Honda water pumps perform like no other on the market.
Two Honda pumps side-by-side

Power To Meet Your Needs

Whatever level of job you need done with a water pump, there’s a Honda model specific to your needs. From around your house, to the jobsite, we have the model for you.
Close-up of Honda pump engine

Commercial Grade Engines

Powering every Honda water pump is a 4-stroke engine, providing terrific pumping power and efficiency all in one combo. They utilize Honda GX series gas, allowing for super quiet operation.
Close-up of Honda trash pump

High Quality Construction

Each water pump made by Honda is produced to the highest construction standards possible. That means using cast-iron impellers and mechanical seals to hold up for a long time, and to maintain a high-level of discharge ability.
Honda pump on grass with side-by-side in the background

Top-Level Performance:

Select models have been further upgraded with rubber mounts separating the engine and frame to help cushion some of the vibration. This keeps the unit in one place and reduces stress on the overall equipment. One of the many highlights of Honda innovation over the years.
Close-up of a Honda pump in front of a pool

Accessories & Attachments

Honda water pumps are good on their own, but also take on a number of accessories and attachments to improve both performance and utility. From hose lengths to adapters to nozzle kits, strangers, rings, clamp sets, coupling parts and more, we have the accessories to perfect your job.
Pump beside shallow water and dirt bank


Each Honda water pump has been tested to show that it can stand the test of time with its durable design, and hold up to the high Honda brand standard of long-lasting quality.
Smiling service team member

Comprehensive Warranty

Our Honda pumps are matched with a non-commercial use warranty up to 36 months, with our GP Honda dealership providing top-level service, if needed.

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