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Honda Snowblower Models at GP Motorsports

Snow touches down in Grande Prairie more than we’d like, but it doesn’t have to stay that way when you have a Honda snowblower at your disposal. Whether you just want to clear your driveway or have a huge area to cover, our three different snowblower models will make your winter life that much easier. Single stage models are available for simple city use, Dual Stage for more heavy duty jobs, and our Hybrid model for superior snow blowing utility. Make a Honda snowblower your next piece of trusty power equipment in your garage or shed, and find the perfect model to clear after that next winter downfall, with us at GP Motorsports in Grande Prairie!

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Honda Snowblower Models

Single Stage

Want to help out the neighbourhood the night after a big snowfall, or just want to make sure your driveway is always the cleanest on the block? Our single stage snow blowers are perfect for home use. Built for small driveways and walkways, these snow blowers are lightweight and easy-to-use, so you can rid your property of snow, without tiring yourself out. Large enough to displace all the snow you require, but still compact enough to store in the off-season without taking up too much space. Explore the three single stage Honda snowblower models and find the perfect one for your home.
50.8 cm Auger Assist - HS720C front side view

50.8 cm (20 in), Auger Assist

50.8 cm Auger Assist ES - HS720CS front side view

50.8 cm (20 in), Auger Assist, ES

50.8 cm Auger Assist PRO - HS720CC front side view

50.8 cm (20 in), Auger Assist, PRO

Dual Stage

Have a large area that needs clearing that’s a bit more extensive than just the driveway in front of your house? Take a dual stage snow blower out for a spin, and clear mounds of snow thanks to its high-performance dual stage features. These models are more heavy duty and powerful than the single stage models, allowing you to not only clear more snow, but heavier snow as well. Our dual stage Honda snowblowers come over nine different model types, so you can get the exact one you need for your job.
55 cm Track Drive ES - HSS622CTD1 front side view

55 cm (22 in), Track Drive

55 cm Track Drive ES - HSS622CTD1 front side view

55 cm (22 in), Track Drive ES

71 cm Wheel Drive - HSS928CW front side view

71 cm (28 in), Wheel Drive

60.5 cm Track Drive - HSS724CT front side view

60.5 cm (24 in), Track Drive

60.5 cm Track Drive ES - HSS724CTD front side view

60.5 cm (24 in), Track Drive, ES

71 cm Track Drive - HSS928CT. front side view

71 cm (28 in), Track Drive

71 cm Track Drive ES - HSS928CTD front side view

71 cm (28 in), Track Drive, ES

81 cm Track Drive - HSS1332CT front side view

81 cm (32 in), Track Drive

81 cm Track Drive ES - HSS1332CTD front side view

81 cm (32 in), Track Drive, ES


The most powerful snow blowers you can get from Honda, this Hybrid drive model may be a performance beast ready to clear even the biggest snow dumps, but it still remains simple and easy to use. Utilizing two stage performance with its enhanced hybrid drive coupled together, this Honda model provides the ultimate when you need the utmost in snow-clearing capability. One model exists under our Hybrid snowblower banner, ready for serious business.
92 cm Track Drive Hybrid i-Control ES - HSM1336iCTD front side view

92 cm (36 in), Track Drive, Hybrid i-Control, ES

Why Buy a Honda Snowblower?

There’s a reason why Honda snowblowers are some of the best on the market, and it’s not just because they’re led by typical Honda reliability and capability in the form of 4-stroke engines, or that they remain quiet and efficient for even novice users to master. Built for the coldest of winters, and Grande Prairie knows all about that, these snowblowers are loaded with the tops in Honda features and innovation.
Close-up of Honda snowblower blade and track

Engineering Prowess:

Perfecting these models since 1981, our Honda engineers consistently update and craft snow blowers that not only clear effortlessly, but doing so reliably year-after-year, and simple to use.
Close-up of a track on a Honda snowblower

Track Drive:

No matter the conditions beneath, the dual track drive provides exceptional traction thanks to its low-temperature and pliable rubber tracks that grip using its durable cleats. Take it over driveways and sidewalks with ease and without risking damage.
Hydrostatic Transmission Control letter on front of snowblower as person is pushing it

Hydrostatic Transmission Control:

All it takes is a single lever to adjust the ground speed, not affecting the auger rotation at all, so you can set a pace that works for you, and the conditions you need to clear.
Electric Chute Joystick Control being used by a person on a Honda snowblower

Electronic Chute Joystick Control:

The remote chute only takes the touch of your finger to control the height and direction of the snow discharge, through simple control of the joystick, up or down, and left or right.
Start button on a Honda snowblower

Easy Start:

When an electric outlet isn’t available, use the 120-volt AC electric start and oversized recoil grip that comes standard, for an easy start. Select models include a 12V DC electric starter with on-board battery.
Close-up of controls on a Honda snowblower

Convenient Operation:

The controls on every model were made to be ergonomic and super convenient, allowing you to work the machine easily.
Three Honda snowblowers side-by-side in the snow in front of trees


These snowblowers are Honda built, after all, which means a durable design that’s been designed and tested to stand up to even the most frigid of Canadian winters.
Woman using a Honda snowblower with snow shooting up from the machine

Exceptional Warranty:

You’re backed by up to a 36-month warranty on non-commercial use for your snowblower, and offering the best in service, should you ever need it.

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