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Honda Tiller Models at GP Motorsports

Break new ground, literally, thanks to our top-of-the-line Honda tiller lineup found here at GP Motorsports. The key to a healthy garden is making sure your soil is always properly tilled. Tilling provides healthy soil that allows for its nutrients to thrive and facilitate growth. Make your yard work that much easier with our Honda power equipment, where gardening tillers can help maintain your precious yard, while ground breaking models are available for more serious work. Our Grande Prairie dealership is home to all of your lawn & garden equipment and tool needs, including these easy-to-use tillers for sale!

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Honda Tiller Models


Honda garden tillers are perfect for your at-home use, allowing for you to accomplish small-to-medium jobs of breaking up ground and soil. Our mini-tiller is compact and lightweight for small garden beds and rows, while the mid-tine tillers provide even more utility and control thanks to the engine situated right over the tines, easy-to-use for gardening and landscaping work. Some of the most economical and maneuverable tiller models on the market, become a DIY gardener and maintain your favourite flowerbeds and gardens with ease.
Honda Mini-Tiller 9 front side view

Mini-Tiller 9”

Honda Mid-Tine 21 front side view

Mid-Tine 21”

Honda Mid-Tine 36 Multi-Drive front side view

Mid-Tine 36” Multi-Drive

Ground Breaking

Our heavy duty ground breaking rear tine rototillers are some of the best on the market. Designed for exactly as their name suggests, as tillers that are made to break up the toughest of hard ground and for those with large gardens that need comprehensive work. With exclusive tech like the Active Rotary system that uses two sets of counter-rotating tines for hard-to-break soil, to the PRO model that’s fit for tough day-in-and-day-out jobs, expect the ultimate in these ground breaking Honda rototillers.
Honda Rear-Tine 20 ARS front side view

Rear-Tine 20” ARS

Honda Rear-Tine 20 PRO front side view

Rear-Tine 20” PRO

Why Buy a Honda Tiller?

Smooth-running, quiet, ergonomic and simple to use, no matter what type of soil job you have ahead of you, a Honda tiller makes it easy each and every time. Since it’s a Honda it’s made with the best in high-quality and commercial grade materials and features. Do away with tillers that require multiple passes to break up that tough ground, our Honda tillers exceed over one pass and leave the broken up soil that you desire.
Side close-up of Honda tiller in a garden

Unique Technology:

Honda only uses the best, newest and most innovative technology, making each model quiet, easy-to-use and powerful.
A Honda tiller breaking soil

Dual Element Air Filtration System:

Your tiller will be well-protected from the dirt it kicks up thanks to this air filtrations system. Certain models have a “cyclone” air filter that provides extra protection and extends needed service times.
Close-up of a Honda tiller engine

Commercial-Grade Transmission:

Power and seamless efficiency is bred through the heavy duty drive gear, along with hybrid digging/cultivating tines for quality work. Extra protection comes in the form of a front engine guard.
Front of a large Honda tiller in a big field area

Tilling Width:

Our five tiller models see a tilling width range from 15 cm (6 in.) to 92 cm (36 in.), meaning they can accomplish everything from basic yard work to large lots.
Side view of Rear Tine Active Rotary system

Rear Tine Active Rotary System:

ARS presents a co-axial counter-rotating tine drive system, creating a unique mixing effect that results in the best soil texture with minimal effort expended.
Honda tiller in the foreground with a field and the sun setting in the background


Tillers take on tough abuse, but with the durable Honda design that’s been tested and proven to hold up, you’ll enjoy your tiller as one of your favourite gardening tools for years to come.
Man bending over and using a tiller in a backyard with a house in the background


With multi-positions for comfortable use and handle height adjustment, not only are Honda tillers light but they’re a breeze to operate, and for extended periods of time.
Smiling service department worker


Our Honda tillers come with a 36-month non-commercial use warranty, along with access to our top-of-the-line maintenance and parts service.

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