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Lund Boats For Sale at GP Motorsports

Lund boats are your answer to the top level of fishing, sport, utility and hunting boats in the area, and GP Motorsports dealership in Grande Prairie is proud to stock this legendary lineup. By being an official Lund dealer we’re able to get you any variation of boat you desire, from aluminum to fiberglass, big water to small water, pontoon to jon boats. Come to our GP Motorsports dealership and explore the wide world of Lund boats, where we have a diverse boat selection for sale, engines, accessories and boat maintenance services.

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Lund Boat Types

One boat doesn’t always fit all, that’s why at Lund there’s a specific boat type for your needs. Whether you’re just interested in some fishing, want to do some fishing but in a more sport-inspired vessel, or you’re focused on hunting and outdoor versatility, explore the Lund boat lineup below, and match one to you.
1650 Angle Sport Arctic boat in white

Fishing Boats

Everything you’d ever expect in a fishing boat is found in a Lund. From models that prioritize comfort and spaciousness to ones aimed at big water and fish adventures, or a combination of everything it all, there’s a fishing boat for you. Durable all the way around, and built for long days out on the water, explore the Lund fishing boats that fits your lifestyle.
1875 Tyee Sport Arctic Black Ash boat

Fish & Sport Boats

For those who love to fish, but want a little more sporty style and utility out of their latest adventure, the Lund fishing and sport boats are primed to solve your needs. One half of fishing utility, the other half representing ultimate watersport design to truly stand out on the water. Experience the perfect boat for both fishing and sport activity, with the unique Lund selection.
1660 Predator Lund Boat in green

Utility & Hunting Boats

For those huntsmen who get serious about their sport, the Lund utility & hunting boats are all machines primed to assist you in your next great hunt. As well, for the camper who needs a durable option, or a jon boat that’s versatile for the outdoorsmen who truly do it all, this Lund lineup is truly like no other.

Boat Specifications

Among all of the fishing, sport and utility boats are a ton of variations you can get under each type that further specifies it to your needs. From big, medium or small water that you’ll be on, to an aluminum or fiberglass build, to the floorplan of the boat that’ll truly hone your purpose, and not to mention a wide variety of features, you can truly make your Lund boat your own.


Our quality boat construction is evident in our top tier build materials, headed up by the aluminum and fiberglass boat options.

  • Aluminum: Built for hard use and to sustain all that a boat can endure, by using the best raw durable aluminum (5052 H 34), this material combines all of strength, hardness, weight and versatility.
  • Fiberglass: A smooth and aerodynamic look exudes from each fiberglass boat, made possible through the precise molds that double to create exceptional durability and performance that holds up thanks to incredible optimization.


You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your boat, which means you need a floorplan that agrees with you. We offer three different floorplan types for your boat, across our fishing, sport and hunting boats.

  • Walkthrough windshield: These boats give you a full front windshield with a middle panel that opens up to easily walk through.
  • Single/Double Console: These two floorplans provide the deck with either a one console or dual console design for steering, providing their own spaciousness and versatility options.
  • Tiller: Rear steering design with a lever attached to the rudder for navigation.


You need the right size and able boat for the body of water you’re going to be on, and our Lund boats cover a lengthy inventory across those with the needs for big, medium and small bodies of water.


For more specific boating needs, we have you covered as well, with some handy available features found in your boats. These include:

  • Bow Bait Station
  • Bow Cushion set
  • Bow Multibase Option
  • Ski Pylon
  • Under Console Drawer
  • Wash Down System

Lund Boat Difference

There’s plenty of boat brands and types out there, so how does Lund separate themselves and remain as the prime choice at GP Honda? Lund boats are meticulously designed and built with the best materials at hand and with boaters in mind, leading toward incredible construction, performance and features.

Performance & Strength

A ton of build techniques go into creating a Lund boat, bred from our IPS, IPS2 and IPS3 tech, for a ride that always keeps you in control. From the center keel that provides for sublte manuearing to the flat pad delivering maximum lift and reducing drag, and the reverse chine that allows you to corner with ease. It starts with intelligent engineering, then leads into quality construction with the best materials to create a boat that holds up ride after ride.

Construction & Flotation

Lund boats are truly built to perform in the face of the demands of the outdoors, over both aluminum and fiberglass material types, for durability and safety. The I-beam infrastructure design creates a hull that is solid and hard, produced alongside a longitudinal build that always keeps the alignment of the boat stable. Everything after that from carpet to paint is done with the finest handiwork to ensure even the smallest of detail is covered. Closed-cell foam is injected into every boat, going above and beyond to ensure all of our boats are up to marine standards and conditions.

Fishing Systems

Fishing utility is front of mind during every stage of boat design and construction. This includes our advanced livewell systems that’ll keep your catch healthy, calm and safe in these tanks. The Prolong Plus intakes oxygenated water from under the boat, the Prolong uses a two pump system for maximum oxygenation, and the Aerated type circulates fresh air throughout the system. Further features include the SportTrak system that lets you mount everything from rod holders to cup holders, and a ProTrak system that protects the exterior of your boat. And, of course, when you’re fishing you require a ton of storage, and with our innovative storage options, you’ll have all your gear conveniently stowed and easily accessible.

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GP Motorsports is here to help you get out on the water with a quality Lund boat. Whether that’s for fishing, sporty good looks, or hunting, our powersports and boat dealership here in Grande Prairie has it all for you. For your needs on land, check out our ATV, side-by-side, motorcycle and snowmobile lineups. If you have any questions about boats, our inventory, service, or anything more, we’re happy to hear from you!

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