Arctic Cat Snowmobiles in Grande Prairie, AB

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Model Lineup

Snowmobiles were invented as an ultimate utility vehicle in the snow to get where most vehicles aren’t able to, but nowadays there’s so many more uses for this versatile motor sled, from trail exploring to performance to work and fun! Arctic Cat snowmobiles are some of the best in the business, and GP Motorsports shares your love of them, where we’re your Grande Prairie destination to shop the latest sleds, get your current ride serviced or just find yourself some new gear. Explore our deep inventory with these new Arctic Cat snowmobiles for sale, and take on the snow and ice like never before in a snowmobile from our powersports department at GP Motorsports in Alberta!

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Arctic Cat Snowmobiles at GP Honda

At GP Honda, we’re proud to stock one of the pre-eminent snowmobile brands in Canada, the best-selling Arctic Cat. Arctic Cat snowmobiles are varied in their selection for any ride, with the mid-sized Blast, mountain Alpha, crossover Riot, trail ZR, sport utility Norseman and kids models available for you. Whether you need terrific power when conquering a mountain or a model that’s perfect for your child to tag along with, we offer access to the entire scope and variety of Arctic Cat sleds at GP Honda!

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Model Types

Snowmobiles are not only built differently, but with different intents from their construction. Shopping for a snowmobile and not sure what kind you should be focusing on? Take a look and get to know the current new lineup of Arctic Cat snowmobiles, and what the height of modern sleds look like.


The best of both worlds with a mid-sized lightweight frame and incredible performance that’s easy to handle, these Arctic Cat Blast models are easy on style and light on your wallet.
Arctic Cat Blast M side view

Blast M

Arctic Cat Blast ZR side view

Blast ZR

Arctic Cat Blast LT side view

Blast LT


Long, narrow and built to excel over rough terrain and dense powder, its long tracks help push you through even the most adverse of mountain conditions on these Alpa Arctic Cat models.
Arctic Cat M Hardcore Alpha One side view

M Hardcore Alpha One

Arctic Cat M Mountain Cat Alpha One side view

M Mountain Cat Alpha One


Finding yourself needing to go from the trail to fresh powder often? Crossovers like these Arctic Cat Riot models are designed for exactly what their name suggests, with an improved suspension to adapt to the changing environments.
Arctic Cat Riot side view


Arctic Cat Riot X side view

Riot X


Easy to maneuver, lightweight and perfect for beginners, these ZR trail models are the best place to start for novice snowmobilers thanks to their mobility and affordable price point.
Arctic Cat ZR Thundercat side view

ZR Thundercat

Arctic Cat ZR R XC side view


Arctic Cat ZR RR side view


Arctic Cat ZR Limited side view

ZR Limited

Sport Utility

Want to push the limits of what a snowmobile can do? Sport utility snowmobiles are for those true adrenaline junkies who truly want to get hard work done and feel the wind whipping by.
Arctic Cat Norseman side view



We all have to start somewhere, and youth snowmobiles provide that perfect entry-level point that delivers the same snowmobile utility, but scaled down for children, and complete with numerous safety features for kids.
Arctic Cat ZR 200 side view

ZR 200

Arctic Cat ZR 120 side view

ZR 120

Snowmobile Service

Dedicated bays for our powersports customers means we’re easily able to provide specialized service for these types of vehicles, like your new or used snowmobile. Your snowmobile deserves the same level of care and maintenance that your vehicle does, so it’s incredibly important to maintain. Our licensed dealership mechanics will aid through any service or repair insights to your snowmobile that may be required, with special attention to its important components and parts that need to be looked after, like the oil, belts and mechanisms that allow the snowmobile to move so freely.

Gear & Accessories

Since a snowmobile puts you out in the cold winter elements, you need the proper gear to go with it. Along with our diverse selection of snowmobiles, we also offer the best in snowmobile helmets, goggles, suits and more, ensuring you’re properly equipped to tackle your next snowy trail. From your toque and helmet down to your boots, get the proper clothing and accessories specifically designed to keep you warm and give you mobility on your sled.

Sled Decks

We all love breaking fresh powder or accelerating down an open trail, but sometimes it’s a pain to get your snowmobile out to these areas in the first place. Luckily, with sled decks, you can simply rig up your truck bed to easily accommodate your snowmobiles, and take them where your next adventure is set to begin. Getting a sled deck means avoiding hauling a trailer and creating covered cargo space beneath it. Not only that but it’s simple to install/remove and hardly makes your truck that much wider, ensuring easy parking. From a variety of options to customizable elements to different box types, we have a healthy selection of sled decks for your pickup!

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Snowmobiles are an important part of Canada’s winter history, and we’re proud to carry on this legendary motorsport vehicle’s legacy at GP Motorsports! Our Grande Prairie dealership provides the tops in the area for powersports, like ATVs and Side-by-sides, but where snowmobiles exist as king in the winter months. For help shopping for a new sled, service, parts, accessories or more winter equipment, we're always here to chat and help you find that next perfect toy.
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